1484867377000 1312001 360x240 - Synology RT2600AC Router Review

Synology RT2600AC Router Review

When it comes to wireless routers, not many brands offer the consistency and quality that Synology brings to the table. After the highly successful RT1900AC Router, Synology is back with a new model of wireless... Read More...
DSC 4690 360x240 - ZOTAC AMP Box Review

ZOTAC AMP Box Review

A few years back, the idea of external GPUs was exactly that - an Idea, but, thanks to some rather amazing technological advancements and some sleek designing, eGPUs are now a reality. One of the major playe... Read More...
thumb 105796 default big 750x400 - OnePlus5T- Review

OnePlus5T- Review

In recent times, Chinese phone companies have rocked the market and Xiaomi is presently the most selling company. OnePlus is one of the Chinese companies which has promisingly done well in the market. After the launch of its OnePlus 5 model in June 2017, it la... Read More...
01 w1700 front30 750x400 - Benq W1700 Projector Review

Benq W1700 Projector Review

Projectors have been around in the market almost as long as desktops, and while the initial uses of this humble device were limited to movie screenings, projectors today have transcended that with many users utilising its immense capabilities for varied purpos... Read More...