10 Things not to miss at Gitex shopper.

Day 2 is on at Gitex Shopper if you havent been yet at the event check out the 10 things not to miss at Gitex shopper 2012.

  1. Galaxy note 2 

  2. HTC 8X Windows phone

  3. LG 55inch OLED 3D TV.

  4. DJ”S

  5. Tropical sno:crushed ice with flavoured syrup.

  6. Free ice creams at the HP stall outside Hall No 1.

  7. Gangnam style challenge at Samsung (Koreans love KPOP)

  8. You are not going to miss this its starts from the metros,metro station, roads and at the Gitex shopper MAD RUSH!.

  9. The complete coverage  Rechargable Box Fan from Sanford.MADE IN JAPAN.

  10. Try out many Gaming station.