1004526 125318184 - Epson L6160 Printer Review

Epson L6160 Printer Review

When it comes to printer devices, one of the biggest names in the business is Epson. After successfully dominating the printer market for years, Epson has come to a stage where it is very little they can get wr... Read More...
Group Photo  - SWOO brings livestreaming to classrooms

SWOO brings livestreaming to classrooms

SWOO, the leading global livestreaming platform, announced today that it made roads into the education field, bringing classrooms into living rooms through its interactive platform where teachers and students can interact remotely in real time. SWOO entered... Read More...
moto x4 camera selective focus b d glo - Moto X4 Review

Moto X4 Review

When Motorola came back into the smartphone market, they came in three flavours - The flagship Moto X, the mid range champion Moto G, and the super economic mode smartphone Moto E. This scheme won the hearts of millions and soon enough, Motorola found themselv... Read More...