Windows 8 developer preview reviewed in pictures. [Part 1]

The new metro user interface.

Windows 8 metro user interface:Metro interface is designed for tablets and you can log in with a windows live id too.The interface is resembles windows 7 mobile OS.

 Windows 8 Internet browser

Windows 8 browser : simplistic design, type URL at the bottom and no plugins allowed so no flash on Windows 8 browser !


 Full screen Browsing.

Full screen browsing with minimal design is giving browsing a new experience to add its much faster than chrome at least on my PC.

 Programs = Apps

Windows 8 brings in lot of new apps and a Windows app store.Windows 8 does a small trick with naming all windows programs which existed on previous version of Windows as app rather than programs.Microsoft cashing in the crazy app fever thanks to Androids and IOS apps.

Control panel gets a makeover too.

Not used by many but this time control panel is much easier to navigate and control respective settings.

Test drive Windows 8