youtube - Try out the new YouTube homepage .

Try out the new YouTube homepage .

YouTube is testing a new homepage design and that anyone can force this new design by adding a cookie to their browser. Here's how to do to so for Chrome and Firefox CREDITS GOES TO GHACKS FOR THE SIMPLE HAC... Read More...
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Now stop Google tracking your location

You already knew it ,each time you access Google latitude,Google maps, Orkut,Google plus or other Google web services which includes location sharing there is an option that always pops out other Google web ser... Read More...
android open free - 4 Smart advantages of Android

4 Smart advantages of Android

In recent times, in the repertoire of various types of mobile phones, one particular mobile phone that has made good impression is of course the Android phone. This high end technology embedded smart mobile pho... Read More...
chromebooks - FAQ's : All about Chromebooks

FAQ’s : All about Chromebooks

Q: What is a Chromebook? A: Chromebooks were introduced in May 2011 by Google.  They are the first computers to operate entirely in the Google Chrome Web Browser.  Moving their owners completely to the cloud... Read More... Free Kindle Reading Apps - 4 Smartphone Apps that Save You Money

4 Smartphone Apps that Save You Money

During tough economic times, saving money becomes a necessary component of getting by until situations improve. As expenses rise, taking time to find savings on major bills might help save money, but working on... Read More...