1004526 125318184 - Epson L6160 Printer Review

Epson L6160 Printer Review

When it comes to printer devices, one of the biggest names in the business is Epson. After successfully dominating the printer market for years, Epson has come to a stage where it is very little they can get wr... Read More...
moto x4 camera selective focus b d glo - Moto X4 Review

Moto X4 Review

When Motorola came back into the smartphone market, they came in three flavours - The flagship Moto X, the mid range champion Moto G, and the super economic mode smartphone Moto E. This scheme won the hearts of... Read More...
Mi 6 1 - Xiaomi Mi 6 Review

Xiaomi Mi 6 Review

Seven years ago, if someone asked you about Xiaomi, you probably wouldn't have even acknowledged the brand, let alone recommend it. Since then, however, the maverick brand from China has gone from an absolute r... Read More...
HP ENVY 13 REVIEW - HP Envy 13 Review

HP Envy 13 Review

HP has been a mainstay for computer devices since decades, and to date, their products offer a level of consistency that overshadows the rest of the competition. When it comes to laptops too, HP is a BIG playe... Read More...
a90089525a6805fea16c50ff100f2544e84485bc Black Jabra Eclipse 07 Jabra Eclipse 0006 Black Jabra Eclipse 07 Image eCom - Jabra Eclipse Review

Jabra Eclipse Review

When it comes to bluetooth headsets, what customers are usually in for is superior performance and an equally compelling design. Jabra, one of the bigger players in the headset game, have been putting out consi... Read More...
xl2540 1 - BenQ XL2540 Zowie XL Series 25 Review

BenQ XL2540 Zowie XL Series 25 Review

The constant upgrade of PCs has given rise to a whole new bracket of applications, the most popular being gaming and E-sports. Today, PCs flaunt near superhuman specifications, enabling users to get a whole oth... Read More...
Screenshot 437 1600x900 - Linksys Velop Review

Linksys Velop Review

Wi-Fi today has become a household necessity and the humble router has now placed itself inside homes as if it were a family member. The two have been synonymous since the dawn of the concept itself which is wh... Read More...
w8000 - Benq w8000 Projector Review

Benq w8000 Projector Review

Projectors have been around for a very long time and with so many players in the market, people are now spoilt for choice when it comes to picking up a projector for their organisations or homes. Benq is a majo... Read More...
Huawei NOVA pLUS - Huawei Nova Plus Review

Huawei Nova Plus Review

One of their better attempts at setting the market alight , was the Huawei Nova Plus. It does look a bit different to the eye when you see a Huawei device sporting a non Honor branding , but Huawei has bee... Read More...