c05551586 - HP Omen 17 Review

HP Omen 17 Review

Laptops started out as potential replacements to the all-mighty desktops back in the day, and in the last decade or so, the transition has been successfully achieved with most enterprises now switching to ... Read More...
G7 - LG G7 ThinQ Review

LG G7 ThinQ Review

When you talk about LG's stint in the smartphone arena, you know that over the years, the company has put out some very sensational variants out there, which, while not really dominating the market in terms of ... Read More...
note5 - Infinix Note 5 Review

Infinix Note 5 Review

Smartphones today have reached a phase where everyone features everything, and the only differentiator is the marketing gimmicks that each brand puts forward to the public. The same market, which was dominated ... Read More...
EPSON - Epson EH-TW5600 Projector Review

Epson EH-TW5600 Projector Review

Epson is one of those names which is synonymous with high-quality media streaming products. Not only is their projector lineup truly amazing, but they also deliver consistent and unfiltered performance. While m... Read More...
1484867377000 1312001 - Synology RT2600AC Router Review

Synology RT2600AC Router Review

When it comes to wireless routers, not many brands offer the consistency and quality that Synology brings to the table. After the highly successful RT1900AC Router, Synology is back with a new model of wireless... Read More...
DSC 4690 - ZOTAC AMP Box Review

ZOTAC AMP Box Review

A few years back, the idea of external GPUs was exactly that - an Idea, but, thanks to some rather amazing technological advancements and some sleek designing, eGPUs are now a reality. One of the major playe... Read More...
thumb 105796 default big - OnePlus5T- Review

OnePlus5T- Review

In recent times, Chinese phone companies have rocked the market and Xiaomi is presently the most selling company. OnePlus is one of the Chinese companies which has promisingly done well in the market. After the... Read More...
01 w1700 front30 - Benq W1700 Projector Review

Benq W1700 Projector Review

Projectors have been around in the market almost as long as desktops, and while the initial uses of this humble device were limited to movie screenings, projectors today have transcended that with many users ut... Read More...
1004526 125318184 - Epson L6160 Printer Review

Epson L6160 Printer Review

When it comes to printer devices, one of the biggest names in the business is Epson. After successfully dominating the printer market for years, Epson has come to a stage where it is very little they can get wr... Read More...
moto x4 camera selective focus b d glo - Moto X4 Review

Moto X4 Review

When Motorola came back into the smartphone market, they came in three flavours - The flagship Moto X, the mid range champion Moto G, and the super economic mode smartphone Moto E. This scheme won the hearts of... Read More...