hp color laserjet pro mfp m277 1 - HP M277 Color Laserjet Pro MFP Review

HP M277 Color Laserjet Pro MFP Review

When Charles Babbage designed a basic printer device for his difference engine, little did he know that this small but crucial invention would revolutionise the computing world forever. Since then, there have b... Read More...
XT FREE 1 - Skullcandy XTFree XT  – S2WUHW-448 Review

Skullcandy XTFree XT – S2WUHW-448 Review

Headphones and Earphones have become a must have for everyone these days for one simple reason - to cut off from the external world for that duration. Headphones started off simple with people using it for thei... Read More...
iphone 6s - iPhone 6S Review

iPhone 6S Review

Apple and the iPhone have come a long way since their debut in 2007, and while most of the competition have entered the rat race to outgun the other at every turn, Apple has carved their own space in the battle... Read More...
intel compute stick - Intel Compute Stick Review

Intel Compute Stick Review

While the smartphones have taken over everyone's attention, there comes a device every once in a while , that aims to remind the people of the world, that there is a lot more out there than just the handheld pi... Read More...
DSC02596 - MSI GE72: A Gaming powerhouse.

MSI GE72: A Gaming powerhouse.

MSI is a well known Taiwanese brand to all the PC gamers out there. The only other company that factory builds gaming machines specifically is the other well known Alienware brand. While Alienware love to do... Read More...
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Merlin Smart Lock Review.

Nowadays people enjoy traveling but while travelling our main concern is our luggage, the security of our luggage.  So people are introducing smart locks for the safety of our luggages. In this article will see... Read More...
DSC01895 - Sony RX10-II: A Hands On Review

Sony RX10-II: A Hands On Review

When you think of cameras as a professional photographer you are always thinking Canon or Nikon. Both companies have a very high standing in the market and both produce some pretty good cameras time to time. Ca... Read More...