Link and post Google plus, twitter and Facebook together.

A twitter management third-party tool has come with a unique ability to connect Google plus, Facebook and twitter and thankfully not an chrome extension but a onetime set up on a website by which you can sync all public post from Google plus to twitter stream and Facebook news feed.

Go to to connect Google+ to Twitter after its done you can have all the public post synced to twitter feeds.  It takes between 5 minutes to 1 hour for your Google+ updates to get tweeted out via your account and you can selectively send Google+ posts with #twt in them will then be sent to twitter using the advanced option on flitter. Now connecting twitter to Facebook can be done via

Here’s complete way to connect twitter,Facebook and Google + accounts.

 (If you are not able to view the table completely download here.)

Post to

Posting from





NA extension :View Twitter post on Google + )


NA Extension: view Facebook post on Google +

Update :




Use both as there is no direct method



Update : A super top extension, provide two-way syncs google+ with facebook. It supports article, video, pictures and web links. It also supports sharing function which users are able to share whatever public content in Google+ to: Linkedin, Digg, Myspace, facebook, on. .